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NR Spock Sep 18, 2017member
Gowest Spock Sep 18, 2017member
Hurst Cycles - Setup Spock Sep 18, 2017member
accumulation Spock Sep 17, 2017member
lazarus Spock Sep 17, 2017member
Well organised raids Spock Sep 17, 2017member
You have arrived successfully audept Sep 16, 2017member
Commodity Inflation Spock Sep 16, 2017member
$AUDJPY Spock Sep 16, 2017member
Boutiques. FullGoldCrown Sep 15, 2017member
NXS FullGoldCrown Sep 14, 2017member
Commical Selling Spock Sep 13, 2017member
Gold Cycle Low Approaching? Spock Sep 13, 2017member
No Material Changes Spock Sep 13, 2017member
NXS and ALTA FullGoldCrown Sep 13, 2017member
Hurst Cycle Lows Spock Sep 11, 2017member
the big unwinding Spock Sep 09, 2017public
the rubber meets the road Spock Sep 08, 2017member
$gold:$usd Spock Sep 08, 2017member
staring into the abyss Spock Sep 07, 2017member
PBD Spock Sep 07, 2017member
GLD Spock Sep 07, 2017member
position sold Spock Sep 06, 2017member
NSU Spock Sep 06, 2017member
$USD - SocGen Spock Sep 06, 2017member
NR Spock Sep 06, 2017member
charts Spock Sep 06, 2017member
Novo Spock Sep 05, 2017member
Public Posts NONE Sep 04, 2017public
Last100 NONE Sep 04, 2017public
OGC CC Spock Sep 04, 2017member
Matrix Update - 3 Sep Spock Sep 03, 2017member
$USD in real trouble Spock Sep 03, 2017member
graphite core Spock Sep 02, 2017member
Spock Private Placements FullGoldCrown Sep 02, 2017member
The Chartology of NXS FullGoldCrown Sep 01, 2017member
neckline Spock Sep 01, 2017member
PFS Study Spock Sep 01, 2017member
NRs Spock Aug 31, 2017member
sort out your demons first Spock Aug 31, 2017member
shooting fish in a barrel Spock Aug 31, 2017member
Altamira Spock Aug 29, 2017member
Dr Copper Spock Aug 29, 2017member
Inca Spock Aug 29, 2017member
reversal gaps Spock Aug 29, 2017member
roadmap Spock Aug 29, 2017member
$GOLD:$USD Spock Aug 28, 2017member
abandoned baby island reversal Spock Aug 28, 2017member
new position Spock Aug 28, 2017member
Impulse Moves Starting Spock Aug 28, 2017member
Yin and Yang - $AUDUSD Spock Aug 28, 2017member
Complex Markets and the Primordial Brain Spock Aug 27, 2017public
$HUI Spock Aug 27, 2017member
USD Super Cycle Update Surf City Aug 26, 2017member
$Gold Spock Aug 25, 2017member
Arizona Silver Spock Aug 25, 2017member
USDU Spock Aug 25, 2017member
canamex Spock Aug 24, 2017member
hurst cycles Spock Aug 24, 2017member
red star Spock Aug 24, 2017member
the main event Spock Aug 23, 2017member
10 bagger Spock Aug 23, 2017member
catching the falling knife Spock Aug 23, 2017member
Pareto Opportunity Spock Aug 22, 2017member
YCL Spock Aug 22, 2017member
Novo Spock Aug 22, 2017member
Pareto Spock Aug 22, 2017member
strategy Spock Aug 22, 2017member
pay dirt Spock Aug 20, 2017member
Global Macro Trends Spock Aug 19, 2017member
Go West Spock Aug 18, 2017member
setup Spock Aug 18, 2017member
$Gold Spock Aug 18, 2017member
OneGram ICO - Update Spock Aug 18, 2017member
gravestone doji Spock Aug 17, 2017member
Nexus Spock Aug 17, 2017member
$Silver - proxy Spock Aug 17, 2017member
shooting a fish in a barrel Spock Aug 17, 2017member
Dr Q Spock Aug 15, 2017member
$USD Spock Aug 15, 2017member
Graphite Spock Aug 15, 2017member
$GOLD: $XAU - Update Spock Aug 15, 2017member
SGR Spock Aug 13, 2017member
Matrix Update - 13 Aug Spock Aug 13, 2017member
Stink Bid Spock Aug 13, 2017member
Second Back-test Spock Aug 11, 2017member
the Red Star Spock Aug 11, 2017member
the $USD bear Spock Aug 11, 2017member
New Position Spock Aug 11, 2017member
Updated targets Spock Aug 10, 2017member
the fool Spock Aug 10, 2017member
$Gold Spock Aug 10, 2017member
Berkwood Spock Aug 09, 2017member
Hummingbird Update Spock Aug 09, 2017member
$Silver Spock Aug 09, 2017member
massive base Spock Aug 08, 2017member
Hummingbird Spock Aug 08, 2017member
Paradigm Shift Spock Aug 08, 2017member
Global Macro Trends Spock Aug 08, 2017member

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