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Merger SpockM and Spock G Spock Aug 10, 2018member
SPOCKG MEMBERSHIP Spock Jul 22, 2018member
New Login Information Spock Jul 22, 2018member
$USD - Dead Man Walking Spock Jul 22, 2018member
The Eye of Horus Spock Jul 22, 2018member
MUX Spock Jul 22, 2018member
WHAT IS THE POINT? Spock Jul 21, 2018member
gt Spock Jul 17, 2018public
Decision Time Spock Jul 15, 2018member
Apexes Spock Jul 07, 2018member
$Gold:$XAU Spock Jul 07, 2018member
PAAS Spock Jul 07, 2018member
$USD monthly Spock Jul 07, 2018member
USD SuperCycle update Spock Jul 07, 2018member
$CDNX Spock Jun 24, 2018member
K92 etc. Spock Jun 24, 2018member
metals and mining - bull surge ahead Spock Jun 24, 2018member
Dalradian Spock Jun 22, 2018member
USD - dead man walking Spock Jun 22, 2018member
dueling apexes Spock Jun 22, 2018member
In sterquiliniis invenitur Spock Jun 18, 2018public
$INDU wolfe wave Spock Jun 17, 2018member
stop run Spock Jun 17, 2018member
SGR Stealthy Move Spock Jun 13, 2018member
the four horsemen Spock Jun 09, 2018member
GSR Spock Jun 07, 2018member
Trade Spock Jun 03, 2018member
K - Wave Update Spock Jun 03, 2018member
$USD Spock Jun 03, 2018member
GG Spock Jun 03, 2018member
PAAS Spock May 27, 2018member
$GOLD - major move imminent Spock May 27, 2018public
GSR and building the bridge Spock May 25, 2018member
the old world has already died Spock May 21, 2018member
some chart breakouts Spock May 20, 2018member
something new Spock May 20, 2018member
Canamex Spock May 17, 2018member
this does not make any sense Spock May 17, 2018member
Altamira Spock May 16, 2018member
elephant in the china shop Spock May 15, 2018member
first mover Spock May 15, 2018member
the world bank Spock May 15, 2018member
$CDNX Spock May 14, 2018member
something new Spock May 14, 2018member
fragility of machine learning Spock May 13, 2018member
Silver - waiting for the signal Spock May 13, 2018member
NV Gold Spock May 10, 2018member
news releases Spock May 09, 2018member
Azumah Spock May 08, 2018member
Some nice looking charts Spock May 06, 2018member
Security Tokens: the next wave in the evolution Spock May 04, 2018member
what can be done? Spock May 03, 2018member
Canamex Spock May 02, 2018member
something has broken? Spock May 02, 2018member
Berkwood Spock May 02, 2018member
Nexus, USD Spock May 01, 2018member
USD at a Major Inflection point Spock Apr 29, 2018member
Gold & Miners Cycle update Spock Apr 29, 2018member
the alignment Spock Apr 27, 2018public
Berkwood and other observations Spock Apr 27, 2018member
USDU Spock Apr 23, 2018member
still waiting for the memo Spock Apr 21, 2018member
Correlations inverting Spock Apr 21, 2018member
more clues Spock Apr 18, 2018member
SLV - starting to play its hand today Spock Apr 18, 2018member
GLD daily Spock Apr 16, 2018member
market distortions dictate whats ahead Spock Apr 15, 2018member
exhibit 4 - the great unwinding Spock Apr 13, 2018member
exhibit 3 - the great unwinding Spock Apr 08, 2018member
exhibit 2 - the great unwinding Spock Apr 07, 2018member
the great unwinding Apr 06, 2018member
south 32 Spock Apr 06, 2018member
ECOBALT Spock Apr 05, 2018member
US holders - removing legend - process Spock Apr 05, 2018member
elephant hunting Spock Apr 04, 2018member
coiling for move higher Spock Apr 03, 2018member
Secova Spock Apr 02, 2018member
Redstar Spock Apr 01, 2018member
Portfolio Update Spock Apr 01, 2018member
$USD - dead man walking Spock Apr 01, 2018member
Goldcorp Spock Apr 01, 2018member
Teranga Spock Mar 31, 2018member
NV Gold Corp - Roadmap Mar 29, 2018member
Arizona Silver Exploration Spock Mar 29, 2018member
Gold Cycle Anomaly? Spock Mar 25, 2018member
$Gold Spock Mar 25, 2018public
party is OVER for general equities Spock Mar 25, 2018member
Rule of 7 Spock Mar 18, 2018member
Dalradian Spock Mar 18, 2018member
bases forming Spock Mar 18, 2018member
SGR and $CDNX Spock Mar 18, 2018member
NVX Strategy Spock Mar 16, 2018member
NV Gold Update Spock Mar 14, 2018member
NV Gold Corp. Spock Mar 13, 2018member
NVX: Houston, we have a Lift Off! Mar 12, 2018member
$USD Spock Mar 10, 2018member
PDAC...Where are All the Millennials ? Spock Mar 10, 2018public
the death of the bull Spock Mar 01, 2018member
Avoid South Africa Spock Mar 01, 2018public

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