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$XAU Update Spock Nov 22, 2017member
Berkwood update Spock Nov 22, 2017member
not too shabby Spock Nov 21, 2017member
the facts about the conglomerate story Spock Nov 21, 2017member
mines and money Spock Nov 19, 2017member
$CDNX Spock Nov 19, 2017member
$GPX Spock Nov 19, 2017member
$gold update Spock Nov 19, 2017member
its toast Spock Nov 19, 2017member
Nexus Gold - Update Spock Nov 17, 2017member
Arizona interview post results Spock Nov 17, 2017member
Secova Spock Nov 14, 2017member
Arizona Spock Nov 14, 2017member
reversals in play Spock Nov 14, 2017member
reversals imminent? Spock Nov 12, 2017member
USDU Spock Nov 10, 2017member
warming up? Spock Nov 09, 2017member
uranium Spock Nov 09, 2017member
some recent NRs Spock Nov 09, 2017member
altamira Spock Nov 07, 2017member
nighthawk Spock Nov 07, 2017member
suggested copper stocks Spock Nov 06, 2017member
$XAU Spock Nov 05, 2017member
the wild wild west Spock Nov 05, 2017member
Some Random Observations Spock Nov 02, 2017member
Building a gold mine in Nevada Spock Oct 28, 2017public
drill core Spock Oct 28, 2017member
Alice in Wonderland Spock Oct 28, 2017member
$Gold 15 year super cycle Spock Oct 21, 2017member
the cocktail party Spock Oct 21, 2017member
buying the highs, selling the lows Spock Oct 21, 2017member
Arizona Spock Oct 20, 2017member
Secova Spock Oct 20, 2017member
NV Spock Oct 18, 2017member
NR Spock Oct 18, 2017member
trading halt Spock Oct 17, 2017member
BKReakout FullGoldCrown Oct 17, 2017member
perfect order will revert Spock Oct 17, 2017public
Ramsey Spock Oct 16, 2017member
40 week Hurst cycle Spock Oct 14, 2017member
USDU - BMR Spock Oct 14, 2017member
Vanadium - energy metal Spock Oct 14, 2017member
A Base Metals Story FullGoldCrown Oct 13, 2017member
chasing rainbows or value? Spock Oct 13, 2017member
battle at the neckline Spock Oct 09, 2017member
Pre-listing Financing Opportunity Spock Oct 09, 2017member
$Gold:$XAU Spock Oct 08, 2017member
Berkwood - leveraging off the new energy paradigm Spock Oct 06, 2017member
NRs Spock Oct 05, 2017member
big dog Spock Oct 04, 2017member
second mouse gets the cheese Spock Oct 04, 2017member
cup and handle Spock Oct 04, 2017member
chart Spock Oct 04, 2017member
energy paradigm shift Spock Oct 04, 2017member
$GOLD:$USD Spock Oct 04, 2017member
$HUI - 80 week Hurst cycle Spock Oct 04, 2017member
Dr Copper Spock Oct 01, 2017member
doji Spock Sep 30, 2017member
USDU Spock Sep 29, 2017member
stealth buying opportunity Spock Sep 28, 2017member
weekly Spock Sep 28, 2017member
another raid Spock Sep 28, 2017member
hummingbird NR Spock Sep 28, 2017member
go west Spock Sep 27, 2017member
the framework Spock Sep 26, 2017member
the new black gold Spock Sep 26, 2017member
NR #2 Spock Sep 26, 2017member
NR Spock Sep 26, 2017member
Altamira Spock Sep 26, 2017member
the path ahead Spock Sep 25, 2017member
atlas shrugged Spock Sep 25, 2017public
new long position Spock Sep 25, 2017member
$GOLD - understanding and dealing with chaos Spock Sep 25, 2017member
$USD - next move imminent Spock Sep 24, 2017member
set ups Spock Sep 24, 2017member
bull frog Spock Sep 24, 2017member
Choose the Game Spock Sep 23, 2017member
Nexus Spock Sep 22, 2017member
Add Spock Sep 22, 2017member
raid Spock Sep 21, 2017member
Anglo Spock Sep 21, 2017member
ALTA FullGoldCrown Sep 21, 2017member
another raid Spock Sep 21, 2017member
another position add Spock Sep 21, 2017member
added Spock Sep 21, 2017member
backtesting Spock Sep 18, 2017member
unfilled gap Spock Sep 18, 2017member
NR Spock Sep 18, 2017member
Gowest Spock Sep 18, 2017member
Hurst Cycles - Setup Spock Sep 18, 2017member
accumulation Spock Sep 17, 2017member
lazarus Spock Sep 17, 2017member
Well organised raids Spock Sep 17, 2017member
You have arrived successfully audept Sep 16, 2017member
Commodity Inflation Spock Sep 16, 2017member
$AUDJPY Spock Sep 16, 2017member
Boutiques. FullGoldCrown Sep 15, 2017member
NXS FullGoldCrown Sep 14, 2017member
Commical Selling Spock Sep 13, 2017member

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